What is SWATTEC?
SWATTEC is a program that provides net-books, or small laptops, for fourth grade students to use in the classroom.

How is this being paid for?
The program is fully funded through a grant. The program, Student Writing Achievement Through Technology Enhanced Collaboration, also referred to as SWATTEC, uses EeePC's to enhance writing achievements of fourth graders.

Can students take the devices home?
Currently, students must leave their device in their classroom.

Can I purchase a SWATTEC EeePC for my child?
Yes. The district has a program in place for parents to order SWATTEC devices and have them loaded with the same programs run at school.

Can I access SWATTEC programs from home?
Yes! A great link to several of the programs used in classes can be found here.

Where in the World is SWATTEC?
Perhaps you heard about a YouTube video inspired by SWATTEC and the "Where in the World is Matt?" phenomenon. Check out the video starring 2009-2010 4th grade teachers and students from throughout the district!

Find out more about SWATTEC by following the SWATTEC Blog!