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Plum Canyon School Policies

Visitors_and_Volunteers Card IconVisitors and VolunteersTop of Page

Parents are always welcome to visit classes at Plum Canyon School.  Visitations should be limited to 20 minutes, and should be prearranged with the classroom teacher to avoid unnecessary interruptions to the instructional program.  All visitors and volunteers are required to sign-in at the school office and to wear a visitor/volunteer badge while on campus.  We must be aware of all non-employees on the school campus to ensure the safety of the students.

State law requires all volunteers to submit proof of a negative TB test result prior to working with children.  Copies of TB test results for Plum Canyon's volunteers are kept on file in our district office.

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Regular and prompt attendance is critical to your child's education as stated in the Education Code of the State of California. Medical and dental appointments should be made after the school day.

It is important that parents acknowledge the school calendar when making vacation plans.

When a child is absent, a parent is encouraged to call the school's 24-hour attendance line at  661-294-5365.

Tardies: After 8:15 a.m., your child will need to report to the school office upon late arrival to receive a tardy slip allowing entrance to his/her classroom.

Check Out: If you need to check your child out of the school during school hours, you must do so at the office. Written notification is required if someone not specified on your emergency card is picking up your child. They will need to show picture identification before the student will be released to them.

SARB: The SARB process will begin after a pattern of absences has been established. Parents will receive written notification in the mail.

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Non-food celebrations are encouraged. Celebrations that involve food must be limited to two per year. Food and beverages for class parties should strive to meet the nutrition standards for foods and beverages sold individually. If the celebration is not part of the National School Lunch Program, the celebration must occur after the last lunch period.

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Student dress and grooming must be safe, clean, modest, and conductive to educational pursuits. Casual clothing is recommended for school except for special "dress-up" occasions; this means shirts, pants, T-shirts, blouses, and shorts. Durable, closed toes shoes are essential as students do not change for P.E.,  and feet need to be protected.

Apparel must not inhibit participation or cause disruption in any phase of the instruction program. In order to assist us in maintaining an effective learning environment and keeping the focus of the classroom on learning, the following clothing is inappropriate and unacceptable for any student attending Plum Canyon School:
  • short shorts and cutoff shorts
  • bare midriffs
  • tank tops with over sized armholes
  • over sized pans or shorts
  • shirts with inappropriate language or advertisements
  • plastic (jellies) shoes, platform shoes, or open-toed sandals
  • expensive jewelry
  • makeup (tattoos)
  • gang-related clothing (i.e., long belts, knit caps, trench coats, chains, chain wallets, etc.)
  • unusual hair color
  • spaghetti straps on shirts or clothing that exposes undergarments

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The purpose of homework is to extend and reinforce classroom learning, to involve parents in their child's learning, and to contribute to the student's personal growth through self-discipline and the satisfaction that comes from a  successful learning experience.