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Mrs. Mary Mann  -email-
Dr. Alina Vehuni -email-

Office Staff

Office Manager: Toni Murray  -email-
Office Assistant: Christa Hamburger -email-
Health Clerk: Kristine Somenske -email-

Custodial Staff

Joe Magana  -email-


Janet Jeffris -email-


Yolanda Charton -email-
Julie Karzin  -email-
Michele Menchaca -email-
Jennifer Nossaman -email-

First Grade

Michele Berns -email-
Jennifer Crunelle  -email- 
Yolanda Nicoletti -email- 
Rinda Cook -email-

Second Grade

Liz Hand  -email- 
Michelle Mularky  -email- 
Karen Newton  -email-
McKinzie Rieck -email-
Sherry Werblun -email-

Third Grade

Morgan Diaz -email-
Elizabeth Mills -email-
Juli Schoenberger -email-
Monica Smith -email-

Fourth Grade 

Wyndy Barnes -email-
Amy King  -email-

Counseling, Speech and RSP

Psychologist: Alexia Melara -email-
Psychologist: Karen Forletta -email-
Speech: Kristin Miller -email-
RSP: Holly Bailey -email-
RSP: Kimbra Miller -email-
Counselor:  Christina Godinez -email-
Counselor: Hallie Bodner -email-
APE - Elizabeth Ferrante -email-
OT - Lorna Borja -email-

Child Development Program

Donna Beltz -email-